Tape Expander


This equipment is to extend and expand tape for chip space after dicing, braking
DR-4 DR-5
○Easy operation
○Equipped cuter mechanism
○Compact design
○Equipped pressure meter
○Usable various dicing flames
○Usable various tapes
○Usable double ring, etc
Specifications EXM-06M EXM-08M
Substrate Up to Ф6” Up to Ф8”
Substrate stage 6” dicing flame 8” dicing flame
Tapes Usable various tapes
Stage driving By dry air
Speed for stage moving up Variable speed
Substrate stage temperature Roon ~ 60℃
Substrate positioning By visual
Expanding ring Ours double rings or others
Cutter Cut of ring beneath
Dimension 330(W)x420(D)x360(H)mm 400(W)x510(D)x380(H)mm
Weight 15kg 25kg
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